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EP Review


You Can’t Trust Your Allies

5 tracks

On a beautiful afternoon, I went to a neighborhood block party and was treated to a wide diversity of local acts: Lucy Martinez (folk), The O.H.M. Jazz Trio (jazz standards), Fun Era Fifty (acoustic pop), and a knock-out rock band, The Boston Swindlers. After the Swinders’ set, I expressed my admiration and they slipped me their debut EP. Wicked pissa—classic Boston rock to the tee, right down to their accent! Though I really don’t listen to this style of music anymore, I’m glad all over to hear reflections of The Real Kids, DMZ, Outlets, Nervous Eaters, Birdbrain, etc. and here it is in the new millennium. I’m also hearing New York Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers, or AC/DC. These guys have amalgamated it all. Tunes like “Comrade” or “Hey Rozzie” soar with killer guitar work from Bruno Giordano and Colin Dwyer. The rhythm team of Scott Sugarman (drums) and Anthony Giordano plow right along too. Call it anachronistic, revisionist, or just plugging into the current scene to shake some action! My only personal desire for them is to add a bit more surprise, a dose of sophistication, and a hint of pop! Then they could really break out of the pack. This is a band to watch for! (Harry C. Tuniese)